Ulpan Milhauz is a part of Educational Center Milhauz in the center of Ramat Gan. Great location gives us opportunities to share Hebrew courses with very different and interesting people, coming to Milhauz from all around Ramat Gan district.

There are different groups according to the Hebrew levels and we have really great teachers in each of them. Our Ulpan has strong connection to daily life and its usual need. 

Before entering to the courses, every student has to pass test. According to the test, together with the student, we choose a suitable class.


Ulpan works in the morning, afternoon and  in the evening.

  • groups according to your actual level

  • morning, afternoon and evening classes

  • professional teachers

  • private lessons

  • speaking Hebrew club

  • motivated group 

  • we receive vouchers from Ministry of Absorption

More details  you can find on ulpan site >>>>>>>>>>
Looking for Hebrew course? Please welcome!
We propose Hebrew classes
with challenges and results

Alef (א) :

290 academic hours


Bet (ב) :

290 academic hours


Gimel (ג) :

150 academic hours