ABOUT US: who creates Milhauz?

Oleg Poddubsky


Tania Tumanov

Content Director

Nataly Voskoboinik

Public Relations

Michael Bogomolny

Educational Expert

Anna Asakal

 Masa Art-Tel

Program Director

Diana Ashurov

Artist and Art Curator

Nadia Gorohov


Margarita Marsakova

Hebrew Teacher

Pearl Shneider

Artist and Art Curator

Elena Ioffe

Recruitment coordinator for Мasa Art-Tel

Michael Gilichinsky

Jeweler, Art Curator

and Lecturer

Michael Igudin

Art Teacher  and Photography Art Curator

Olga Ichalova-Kryachko


Esther Shneider

Artist, our favourite Art Teacher and Inspirer 

Lera Mishurov

Amination Art Curator and Teacher

Nadia Odinokona

Recruitment coordinator for Urban Studio Summer School

Тania Bubnov-Michaelin

Art Curator

Nikita Mekhanikov

Jeweler, Art Curator

Оlga Elshansky

Recruitment and program coordinator for Urban Studio Summer School 

Мaria Gilichinsky

Program Coordinator

for Masa Art-Tel

We are happy to work with such a great teachers and experts as:

Zeev Druckman

Urban Planning and Architecture Teacher

Eugenia Sokolova

Architect and Curator

Eugenia Kuznetsova

Architect and Curator 

Аnastasia Albokrinova

Educator, Artist and Curator

Ilya Dvorkin

Jewish Philosophy Teacher

Tatiana Kisilevsky

TV and documentary films' Art Curator

Eliezer Lesovoi

Jewish Culture Teacher

Eliezer Shargorodsky

Jewish&Israel History Teacher

Gregory Asmolov

Reseacher and Lecturer

Pavel Loparev

Animation Teacher and Art Curator

Michael Kara-Ivanov

Jewish Texts Teacher

Milhauz Institute is non-governmental organization. Milhauz develops and realises professional educational programs, connected  to culture, communities and identity of a person.

Milhauz is a community of practise, created by educators, artists and art-industry professionals. The list of Milhauz's projects includes educational programs for urbanists, architects, culturologists, sociologists, artists and media-makers, as well as for  representatives of other professions, interested in personal and professional development in cross-disciplinary intersection.

We research phenomena of creative industries' actualization and provide wide methodology of communities' and networks' building for educators, artists and designers.

An intersection of education and art was  realized in "Pedagogy of art", developed by Milhauz. For now, it's a basis of unique aproach of Milhauz in educational programs for different ages.


Byalik 47 alef, 

Ramat Gan, Israel

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